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Kelowna Chiropractors Dr. Brian Bittle and Dr. Vince De Jong specialize in treating arthritis, TMJ, neck paid, back pain & headaches. Stop suffering today.

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Vida Chiropractic
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Address 140-1640 Leckie Rd

Kelowna, BC
V1X 7C6
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Phone (250) 861-5444
headaches, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, disk injury, chiropractor
Key Contact Dr. Brian Bittle
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Kelowna Chiropractors Dr. Brian Bittle and Dr. Vince De Jong specialize in treating arthritis, TMJ, neck paid, back pain & headaches. Stop suffering today.

What We Offer


Chiropractors are the only health care professionals trained to examine the spine for subluxations and correct them. Different tools such as x-rays, orthopedic tests, sEMG, thermography, static palpation and motion palpation are used to determine where misalignments are in the spine and what adjustments are required to correct them.


At Vida Chiropractic Kelowna, the chiropractors are trained in a variety of different adjusting techniques and can choose the most effective one based on the posture and condition of your spine. An adjustment is a gentle, specific force applied to a vertebra to move it back into the correct alignment. This prevents further damage and degeneration in the spine and also restores proper function of the nerves.


Health is a state of your body when every part is functioning properly, not necessarily just that you are feeling good. Your brain must be able to communicate, uninterrupted, with the rest of your body for you to be truly healthy and experience a high quality of life. Your brain communicates with your body through one of the most sophisticated communication networks on the planet, your nervous system. This system allows your body to adapt to changes in its environment and maintain good health.


The nervous system is composed of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral nervous system (33 pairs of nerves that branch out from the spine and travel to every single tissue in your body). Nerves go to muscles, they go to skin, they go to bones and joints, even all the internal organs. Nerves are very delicate and so your entire central nervous system is encased in bone (skull and spinal column) for protection.



Just like there is a normal range for body temperature and blood pressure there is also a normal posture and alignment for your spine. Different stresses like traumas or injury, physical or emotional stress, even exposure to toxins or chemicals can cause the vertebra to shift out of their normal position. This misalignment of the bones in the spine is called a vertebral subluxation.


Depending on the location, severity and duration of the subluxation there can be different effects on the body. As soon as the subluxation is present, damage and degeneration starts to develop in the joints connecting that vertebra to the ones above and below. This can cause localized pain, tenderness and muscle spasm. Left uncorrected the condition can progress to arthritis and degeneration of the discs.


Subluxations not only affect the bones and joints, they also affect the spinal cord and nerves. Misalignments cause swelling in the soft tissues around the spine which

irritates and interferes with the normal function of nerves. If it is a nerve going to the skin you can experience numbness, tingling or burning. If it’s a nerve going to muscles there will be weakness, spasm or cramping. If it’s the nerves going to internal tissues they can start to function poorly and develop disease.

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