Located at the southernmost tip of Okanagan Valley, this place is considered the hottest spot in Canada. Osoyoos is best known for its wineries that produce the award-winning, sun-ripened red wines. Aside from wine, Osoyoos is also known for its waterside resorts and culinary dishes native in the sub-region. This is also known as the only desert in Canada.

Kelowna/Lake Country

This is where the first BC grapevines were planted in 1859 during the mission of the Oblates missionaries. Kelowna is also known to have the oldest operating winery, the Calona Vineyard. Beginning its operation in 1932, Calona Vineyard continually produces the best BC wines in the country.

While families of those who owned and operated the vineyard called Kelowna their own home, many have also developed the sub-region to become a culinary destination in the Valley, offering exceptional dining experiences paired with magnificent views in Okanagan Valley.

Golden Mile Bench

Declared as the first sub-geographical indicator in Okanagan Valley wine sub-regions in 2015, Golden Mile Bench is located on the southwest valley slopes. The region has a most notable climate – it is cooler than any sub-region in Okanagan Valley. This is made possible by having the morning sunshine which is cooler than the afternoon sunshine. The sub-region is more known for its grape cultivation than its winemaking industry.


This sub-region has its own crown for being the location where you can best view the Okanagan Lake while seeing the Naramata Bench on the lake’s east side. While the history of winemaking in the region traces back to over 25 years ago, the development of the industry continues to make promises to bring economic excitement in winemaking.

Okanagan Falls

This sub-region in the Valley is home to clusters of wineries nestled on the stunning scenery of the lakes and reserves, the beautiful mountains surrounding the Valley, and the exceptional local culinary delights and winery experiences.

Okanagan Falls has long been making the best BC wines throughout the years.  While the location aids in the production of the BC wines, Okanagan Falls is a breath-taking paradise everyone should also visit.

Naramata Bench

The location of the bench isn’t just all about the weather and soil conditions that helped create their finest wines. This is also the best place to visit when you want a brief tour of Canada’s BC wines and wineries. While you’re in for a visit to the wineries, Naramata Bench also has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure and relaxation.

You can add some active sports on your tours like mountain biking, kayaking, or even rock climbing. Also, you can take advantage of the relaxing views of the lake in one of the resorts here at Naramata Bench.


Primarily known as the “Wine Capital of Canada”, Oliver is home to more than 40 wineries and almost half of the vineyards that produce Canada’s most distinguished wines. While most areas in this sub-region have been dedicated to winemaking, culinary hubs and tourist accommodations were also established in these wineries to provide respite for those who wanted to experience the wine culture of Oliver.

Skaha Bench

As one of the youngest sub-geographical indicators (sub-GI) in the Okanagan Valley wineries, Skaha Bench is a 10-km. stretch of orchard lands, rock outcrops, and the Heritage Hills estates. As one of the established members of the Wines of Marked Quality Regulation on May 13, 2019, Skaha Bench is the nest of the notable wineries in the region such as Painted Rock, Pentage, Crescent Hill, and many more.