The Okanagan Valley is the premier grape-growing region in the province of British Columbia. Surrounded by its verdant mountain ranges, clear lakes, and reserves, it is no wonder how the Okanagan Valley became a centre of fruit production and industry.

This valley stretches more than 250 km., and each area within the valley features different climate and soil conditions that suit the growth and cultivation of various fruit trees and agricultural products.

While fruit plantations continually provide the country with the demand for the tree, shrub, and vine fruits, the wineries in Okanagan Valley are driven with the tradition and character it has boasted throughout generations. Through these, they are able to continually top at international wine competitions.

More About Okanagan Valley

  • There are four sub-regions in the Valley, namely the Golden Mile Bench, Skaha Bench, Okanagan Falls, and Naramata Bench. Each region has a unique climate and soil conditions that match with the agricultural industry each sub-region supports.
  • There is something unique about the climate in the Okanagan Valley. While the hotness in the valley can rise up to 40°C, the cool nights maintain the natural acidity of the grapes. The natural acidity creates the perfect fermentation it needs to create the BC wine’s signature trait.
  • In peak growing seasons, Okanagan Valley receives more sunlight per day than the Napa Valley, which is nearly two hours more.