What is Our Okanagan?

Our Valley is filled with many wonderful products/services and great opportunities.  The challenge we have is finding them easily and quickly.  Our Okanagan is an online tool developed to address this challenge.  The goal is to connect those with needs to those that can address them, creating more opportunity for all of us.  

How did Our Okanagan Come About?

While engaging local businesses, Community Futures and Okanagan Partnership noticed many organizations are sourcing products and services outside of the Valley that could be sourced locally.  Soon a small group began brainstorming ideas on how to connect businesses and individuals to local suppliers of products and services.   Our Okanagan was then developed.  

Who is Our Okanagan?

Our Okanagan is an independent steering committee with representation from the Community Futures of the Valley, Okanagan Partnership, Accelerate Okanagan, Chambers of Commerce and the Economic Development Community.  Community Futures staff and contractors have been assembled to build and market Our Okanagan throughout the Valley.|

How Much Does Our Okanagan Cost?

To search, it's free.  Best of all, there aren't any paid advertisements influencing your search.    For businesses and non-profits, it is free until January 2013 thanks to the funding by the providers mentioned below.  The fee will then be based on the total cost of hosting divided among all of the organizations registered.  The steering committee's goal is to keep the costs as low as possible to allow every business and non-profit in the Valley to register. 

Our Okanagan is made possible through the assistance from the following organizations:

Funding for this initiative has been recieved from the Rural Economic Diversification Initiative of BC, the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust, Okanagan College, University of British Columbia - Okanagan and the Ministry of Housing and Social Development - Employment and Labour Market Services,


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