Fashion Staples in the Canadian Province

Fashion Staples

Fashion is everywhere, and if you’re looking for something unique and stylish, Canadian Fashion staples are always there to keep you look cool and attractive. Every year, Canadian Fashion week never disappoints fashion-goers with its distinctively Canadian tops, custom t-shirts, and dresses.
Just like the fashion week in other countries, Canadian fashion staples have already placed its root to the world of fashion. These unique clothing apparels are inspired straight from Canadian provinces, and you wouldn’t be surprised how the quality and attractiveness can make your jaw drop. Let’s take a look at some of them:
Say “Mittens”

Wine Plus Chocolate is Happiness

The art of winery has never been better without the sweet indulgence of chocolates. Wine + Chocolates = Happiness event is the sweetest avenue for learning how chocolates and wine can be paired up.
Featuring four of the South Okanagan wines, the event will make you discover how those delicate dark chocolates with organic Okanagan fruits beautifully pair with the white, red, or dessert wines from the Okanagan Valley. Reservation is required prior to the event and costs CAD$25 to join….