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Nuttier than a Fruitcake

Address Kelowna
Phone (250) 860-4174
fruitcake, artisan, homemade, gourmet, decadent, booze-soaked, Okanagan, chocolate, gift, gifts, corporate, convention
Key Contact Moni Schiller
Social Twitter

What We Offer

Okanagan Harvest Cake

Okanagan Harvest Cake is a gourmet, homemade cake made from dried fruits.  Valley fruits, such as apricots, pears and appples are used, along with gently roasted almonds and chunks of gourmet chocolate.  Once baked, they're soaked in rum and vacuum sealed, so they're very, very moist.  They contain very little flour or sugar, and are excellent when sliced super-thin and served with aged cheddar.  Accompany this with a glass of locally-made wine and you have a decadent dessert.

Totally Decadent Fruitcake

Totally Decadent Fruitcake is made with traditional glace fruits, gently roasted pecans, and chunks of chocolate.  Only local butter and eggs are used, as well as unbleached flour.  Once the fruitcakes are baked, they're soaked in brandy and vacuum-sealed.  Because they contain little flour or sugar, they are ultra moist, and dense with fruit, nuts and chocolate.  Monda Rosenberg, Food Editor of Chatelaine Magazine, described them as 'wonderful.'

Nov 20, 2010

Read about Nuttier than a Fruitcake in EAT Magazine

Wine and cheese pair well with fruitcake, and I happen to know a lady who can help you with that.  Moni's Nuttier than a Fruitcake business has basically gone nuts for good reason - they are delicious!  Moni makes two kinds of fruitcakes in two sizes: one is the traditional Totally Decadent cake and the other is the Okanagan Harvest made with local dried fruits - both have chocolate and booze and have no preservatives.

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