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Innovative Magnetic Technologies on Our Okanagan:

A company in Kelowna BC that manufactures and markets industrial magnetic equipement worldwide.

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Innovative Magnetic Technologies
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Address 1-3308 Appaloosa Rd

Kelowna, BC
V1V 2W5
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Phone (250) 491-5806
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Key Contact David Miles
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A company in Kelowna BC that manufactures and markets industrial magnetic equipement worldwide.

What We Offer

Magnetic Head Pulley

A dependable, self-cleaning way of extracting tramp metal.

Magnetic Plate Separator

This product extracts tramp metal in chute applications. It helps to reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime to provide a metal free product.

Magnetic Rake

This product was developed for processing facilities that operate metal detectors. It offers protection to your process equiptment by removing tramp metal. 

Suspended Plate Magnets

Plate magnets provide magnetic protection for process equipment and reduce maintenance costs.  

Vertical Magnetic Conveyor

This product was created to convey materials vertically instead of your traditional bucket elevators or incline belt conveyors. 

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